U2F támogatás az OpenSSH HEAD ágában

2019-11-06 13:32, hup.hu - Informatika

U2F támogatás az OpenSSH HEAD ágában Címkék OpenBSD trey 2019. 11. 06., sze - 13:32 Bevezető U2F support in OpenSSH HEAD https://t.co/Ue5A21SXde — OpenBSD Journal (@openbsdjournal) November 3, 2019 As of this morning, OpenSSH now has experimental U2F/FIDO support, [...] If you're not familiar with U2F, this is an open standard for making inexpensive hardware security tokens. These are easily the cheapest way for users to get a hardware-backed keypair and there is a good range of vendors who sell them including Yubico, Feitian, Thetis and Kensington. Hardware-backed keys offer the benefit of being considerably more difficult to steal - an attacker typically has to steal the physical token (or at least persistent access to it) in order to steal the key. Részletek Damien Miller bejelentésében.

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